My Services:

My Approach:

Coaching is a dynamic relationship that provides individuals the opportunity to focus on what they really want their life to be - and the support and accountability to help them begin to build it. For my clients, this often centers around how they want to work - who they want to be as professionals.

This means connecting to your core values, gaining insight into your personality,  affirming your interests, and looking for alignment with all of these in your work. It means articulating goals and designing a plan to achieve them. That plan can be finding a new opportunity, taking the plunge into entrepreneurship, or  building leadership skills in a current role. Our partnership will provide you with the support, information, and accountability that will keep you focused and in action toward achieving your goal.

As a Coach, I provide this support in these important ways:

  • Listening deeply and without judgment

  • Asking provocative questions that reveal your core values

  • Challenging you to imagine new possibilities

  • Creating the structure and focus needed to stay in action

  • Offering the benefit of 20+ years of career advising expertise

Who is my coaching approach for?

  • Motivated individuals contemplating a career change

  • Creators with an entrepreneurial concept they want to actualize

  • Potential leaders looking to build skills and gain recognition

  • Early-stage professionals who are ready to stop playing it safe and go after truly engaging work

Curious, but not sure?

Start with a complementary 30-minute phone conversation to explore how we can work together. Just go to the "Contact" tab above for ways to get in touch.


“I am a small business owner and sought out a coach during a very difficult period of time in my business.  Although I consider myself intelligent and capable of decision making, my sessions with Susan during this time period helped me navigate the complicated situations I was facing.  Her leading questions, curiosity, and attention helped me clarify not only what I want for my business, but also what I deserve for myself.  Susan is genuinely supportive and I looked forward to each of our sessions together."

"As an elite athlete switching gears to a career, I so appreciated working with Susan. Her encouragement and support gave me such confidence, and the skills I learned helped me navigate a complex job search and hiring process. This time and the skills that I learned will help me now and in the future, in my work and in creating the life I want. “

"Susan’s coaching style encourages deep reflection, coupled with concrete action. She is a thoughtful and attentive listener, and I was impressed by her ability to take seemingly unrelated threads from my work background and tie them together in unexpected ways that suggested new avenues for professional exploration. I would happily recommend Susan to anyone who has ever looked back over their career and wondered, 'OK - what else is out there for me?' "

“THANK YOU for helping me put a value on my experience and skills, edit that down to digestible chunks, prioritize what I want, and put myself out there . . . THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. For being a great support and connection as we continue on this great journey called life.”

"I had made several futile attempts at a career change--including going back to night school --without success.  I eventually came to the point in my life where I had to make a change for my own personal growth and wellness.  When I met Susan Walker, I immediately connected with her on a personal level and I felt that she would be a great trusted advisor on my journey.  Her past clients reaffirmed those initial feelings.  Through both exercises and conversation, the work with Susan enabled me to take the time and space I needed to think about my career goals before diving into the tactical logistics.  She held me accountable for my commitments, which helped me to stay on a timeline.  It was Susan’s pointed advice on networking that would eventually help land my current job in my new career.  I truly appreciate the work that we did together.  Thank you, Susan!"

"Thank you for helping me find the time and space to think about what really makes me tick, and then encouraging me to make it happen, one step at a time. This new endeavor is making me smile every day, connecting me to new people, and giving me energy and a new place to be creative and playful. "

"Susan has significantly helped me align my beliefs and values towards the beginning of a career pursuit that I feel is fulfilling. . . I felt accountable to come prepared and ready to work. This accountability. . . was a massive driving factor in helping me make changes, and something that would have been hard to replicate on my own. She was an amazing listener and had me work through my thoughts instead of immediately offering her own. . ."

"Working with Susan was a joy. My aim was to think deliberately about what I’d like to accomplish over the next few years and explore new possibilities in my personal and professional life. Having regular, dedicated time to talk over ideas with a great listener like Susan ensured I moved forward. With her coaching there was no judgement and I was truly free to lay all my ideas on the table. At each session I gained a deeper understanding of myself and what I really want to do. The lessons I learned about reaching goals stuck with me and became tools I can use for the rest of my life. My life is now richer because I’m having fun pursuing goals that fit my personal interests and I have a new job I love."

"Before working with Susan, I didn't believe that my dream of making a living as an artist would ever be possible. She is a supportive and astute listener who will provide encouraging and effective strategies aimed to help you achieve your goals. My coaching sessions with Susan have been instrumental in helping me gain clarity about the life that I want to create and thrive in. She is a masterful coach, and I highly recommend her to anyone who seeks positive change in their life."

"During my year with Susan I have gained the confidence to change careers, adopt new routines, and advocate for myself in the workspace and beyond. Through Susan's supportive guidance I am always working towards an achievable goal. Her coaching provides the accountability I need to take action in all areas of my life."