I Am Fascinated by People and Their Work.

By "work,” I mean both the professional engagement that, for most of us, forms a huge part of our identity and the ongoing work we do to craft a fulfilling life. This is why career and life coaching have such a natural convergence for me.  

I know that people seeking a coach are already creative, resourceful, and uncompromising. They are seeking a change that will bring them closer to living the life they truly want - and they already possess everything they need to effect that change. A transition to truly compelling work, a shift from traditional employment to entrepreneurship, a commitment to an artistic endeavor, professional advancement, or a plan for retirement . . . these are all compelling goals for people who are moved to “work” on the design of their lives. These are the people I want to partner with.

By listening with deep curiosity, asking powerful questions, holding accountability, and championing courageous action, I know I can help motivated individuals achieve the results they desire.